High-Pressure Pipe-Type Terminations

hvGrid’s HPPT terminations are designed for paper insulated single conductors, up to 4000 kcmil, to withstand nominal operating pressures of 200 - 300 psig (1,380 – 2,070 kPa) and maximum transient pressures of up to 350 psig (2,415 kPa).

A semi-stop assembly is utilized to maintain dielectric fluid inside the termination in the case of pressure loss within the carrier pipe and also to restrict the flow of dielectric fluid in the event of an insulator rupture.

Stress control within the termination is achieved by utilizing either a stress cone with lip flare, a stress cone with insulated stress ring or capacitance type condenser cone.

All terminations are designed in accordance to IEEE Standard 48 for class 1 terminations.

High-pressure fluid-filled outdoor terminations are available in operating voltages from 69 kV up to 345 kV. The termination utilizes a porcelain bushing with a minimum pollution creepage distance of medium level, as classified by IEC 815. Available optional items include; 4-hole NEMA pad or universal type aerial lugs, and cast epoxy or porcelain mounting insulators.

High-pressure fluid-filled gas-insulated switchgear (SF6) terminations are available in operating voltages from 138 kV up to 230 kV. The termination utilizes a cast epoxy bushing specifically designed to be mounted within a metal clad switchgear. The termination interface and components are designed in accordance to IEC 60859.

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