Low-Pressure Fluid-Filled Normal Joints

hvGrid’s single conductor low-pressure fluid-filled normal joints are based upon a proven design with over 50 years of service around the world in operating voltages from 69 kV up to 345 kV. The normal joints are installed in metallic casings that permit dielectric fluid to flow from one cable section to another through the hollow core inserts of the connector. They can be designed for sectionalized or non-sectionalized applications.

Sectionalized joints utilize a cast epoxy joint sleeve insulator to isolate the cable sheaths on each side of the joint. This allows for sheath interruptions or permits sheath cross-bonding which minimizes sheath losses during cable operations.
Non-sectionalized joints are used when sheath continuity is preferred for solid grounding requirements.

The joint casing can be custom designed to meet the specific requirements of the cable system, taking into account the cable, sheath grounding, oil-feeding, manhole or joint bay configuration.

The joints are designed for paper insulated single conductors, up to 4000 kcmil, to withstand nominal operating pressures of 100 psig (690 kPa) and maximum transient pressures of up to 150
psig (1035 kPa).

Normal joints are designed in accordance to IEEE Standard 404.
LPOF Joint

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