Company History

hvGrid-tech Inc. ("hvGrid") is a highly specialized products and technical services provider to the electric power industry. Our solutions are focused on underground high voltage and extra high voltage cable systems. hvGrid was established with the objective of becoming a premier solutions provider for utilities and other high voltage cable users throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

hvGrid was incorporated in 2011 to acquire the assets of the Accessories Division of EHV Power. The origins of that business can be traced back several decades to Canada Wire & Cable ("CW&C"). CW&C manufactured both high voltage cable and the accessories needed to install that cable. In 1991 CW&C was acquired by Alcatel and became Alcatel Canada Wire ("ACW"). In 1997 ACW shut down its accessories manufacturing operation in Canada. A group of former ACW employees formed EHV Power, which continued the manufacture of the original CW&C and ACW accessories designs until 2011 when the assets of the accessory manufacturing business were sold.