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Cable Accessories

hvGrid-tech designs and manufactures high voltage cable accessories for all types of
cable systems, ranging from 69 kV to 350 kV, including:

  • Low Pressure Oil-Filled (LPOF), also known as Self Contained Fluid Filled (SCFF)
  • High Pressure Pipe Type (HPPT), also known as High Pressure Fluid Filled (HPFF)
  • Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)

Our line of products includes:  

  • Cable Support Systems - Standard and Custom Applications

  • Oil Line Insulators


hvGrid-tech owns proprietary accessory designs from the different lines of products
that have been developed over time by Canada Wire & Cable, Alcatel Canada Wire and
EHV Power. We can also custom design and manufacture accessories and components
for virtually any underground high voltage cable system.

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Accessories Brochure:



Competitive Advantage

onsite6hvGrid is unique.

Our Accessories division owns proprietary accessory designs from the different lines of products that have been developed over time by Canada Wire & Cable, Alcatel Canada Wire and EHV Power. We can also custom design and manufacture accessories and components for virtually any underground high voltage cable system.

Our Engineering Division provides the Accessories Division with the research and development capability to develop innovative enhancements to traditional high voltage underground accessories that address the needs of today's "smart grid" management requirements.

With a group of highly skilled and experienced transmission and distribution cable specialists, our Engineering division provides services in a field where know-how and experience are both scarce and declining. We work directly with utility companies, cable manufacturers and industrial end users to help them solve their high voltage underground cable system problems and challenges. We also collaborate with engineering firms and contractors in order to expand and extend their technical expertise in the highly specialized field of high voltage underground cable systems. We customize our service offering to the specific needs of the project, program or client.

Our Testing & Diagnostics subsidiary provides comprehensive information about existing or new cable systems using state of the art technology and advanced analytical tools. This provides our clients with a reliable way of having a detailed condition assessment of their systems, which allows them to make better informed decisions in terms of asset management.

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hvGrid-tech Inc.
1310 Kerrisdale Boulevard, Units 5/6
Newmarket, Ontario  L3Y 8V6

Tel.: (905) 888-7771
Fax: (905) 888-7772



About Us

hvGrid-tech designs and manufactures accessories used in underground electrical transmission and distribution cable systems with operating voltages between 69 kV (high voltage) and up to 350 kV (extra high voltage).

hvGrid also provides specialized engineering services with an emphasis on underground high voltage and extra high voltage cable systems.

Our onsite hv solutions Americas subsidiary provides products and services for leading edge condition assessment testing and diagnostics for installed cable systems, as well as acceptance testing and commissioning of new cable systems. Our products and services address all types of underground medium, high and extra high voltage cable (10 kV - 400 kV): LPOF, HPPT, PILC and XLPE.

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