Pre-pressurized Oil Reservoirs

hvGrid’s pre-pressurized “AC” type oil reservoirs are based upon a proven design with over 50 years of service around the world. The pre-pressurized reservoirs permit a positive fluid pressure to be maintained along a cable circuit under extreme operating conditions.

Fluid feeding is accomplished through the use of nitrogen pressurized cells, surrounded by cable insulating fluid within the tank. The pressure/volume characteristics of the reservoir are determined by the amount of gas in the cells and the pressurization level. The size and pressure setting of the reservoir is determined by the cable system parameters.

Pre-pressurized reservoirs can be installed at ground level which eliminates the need for any type of tower structure or elevation differences that are required for gravity feed oil reservoir systems.

All the valves and fittings are located on the outer shell for ease of making oil connections and for maintenance.

An optional pressure gauge and mounting plate can be located on the outside of the reservoir for easy visibility and accessibility.

The reservoir’s outer shell can be fabricated from either mild steel or stainless steel and coated with grey epoxy resin paint. The stainless steel shells are recommended for corrosive situations such as coastal or industrial environments, manhole installations and for direct buried applications.

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