Cable Clamps

Aluminum Clamps

 Cable clamps can be used for LPOF, XLPE, and EPR cables. Typical installation applications include: vertical shaft, termination support, riser pole, tunnel, seismic, manhole/duct entrance, cable tray, and wind towers. Custom clampling solutions also available for non-standard /special applications.

Cast aluminum clamps are available in five different cable diameter ranges. Each clamp is supplied with stainless steel mounting bolts and neoprene liners. Optional stainless steel springs are available to allow for expansion and contraction of the cable, while maintaining adequate holding force to secure the cable.

Other specialty types of clamps can be custom designed to suit the customer’s specific cable dimensions and/or special installation requirements (i.e. single point mounted clamps or multi-cable clamps).

Single point mounted clamps allow clamping in positions where two perpendicular holes to the cable direction are difficult to maintain or are not possible (for example, snaking of the cable).

Multi-cable clamps allow more than one cable to be clamped together in the same orientation utilizing only one clamp.

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Polyamide Clamps

hvGrid-tech Inc. is the North American distributor of ID-Technik fiberglass reinforced cable clamps which are available in a variety of different styles for various cable applications.

These clamps are ultraviolet ray protected, flame resistant and free from halogens. Mounting hardware, neoprene liners and springs are all optional items.


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